Dayton Roofing Installations

Roofing InstallationGeneral Instructions on Dayton roofing installations

Failure to use these Dayton roofing installation guidelines may void the product warranty. Local building codes may require additional application techniques beyond these instructions. In such cases, the local codes must be followed. Note: Do not use lead or copper with this steel roofing system. Do not use pressure treated lumber (i.e. decking or battens).

Safety during roofing installation

Adhere to safe roofing practices, wear appropriate clothing, use safety equipment, such as protective eyewear and light, soft-soled shoes. Use proper tools and keep the roof clear of debris.

Tools Needed For Roof Installation

CertainTeed to other manufacturer roofing products may be cut using a circular saw or tin/aviation snips. An impact drill will provide for easier shingle roofing installation.

Roof Slope

Install on roof slopes of at least 4:12. Roof slopes less than 4:12 are considered decorative and panels must be applied over a roof system complying with local codes.

Roofing Underlayment

It is required that a layer of underlayment (one layer Type 15 or Type 30 felt) be used before applying any of Shingle panels. See local code for underlayment and ice and water shield requirements.

Roofing Deck Preparation

Check all he deck must be level and square for proper installation. If it is not, shim properly, do make any adjustments. It is required that a layer of underlayment (one layer Type 15 or Type 30 felt) be used before applying  Shingle Panels. On any new roofing construction: Prepare roof deck to meet local building codes. Fire retardant plywood is NOT an approved decking substrate.

dayton_roofing_installation On Re-roof Tear-off (Skip/Spaced Sheathing) or Over Asphalt Shingle:

If tearing off the old roof, clean and prepare deck to meet local building codes. Panels may be installed over existing asphalt shingles or applied over existing spaced sheathing provided the space between the boards is filled as necessary to provide a base for fastening. If installed over existing asphalt shingles, cut shingles back from the eaves and rake/gable edges approximately 8” or enough to allow for the Shingle Starter Clip w/Drip Edge and Shingle Rake/Gable Channel to be installed properly. Remove existing hip and ridge material. In situations where code allows re-roofing over 2 layers of asphalt shingles, follow the local code. If not, call WTorres Roofing Company, a Dayton Professional Roof Installation experts.

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